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Custom Designs!

Randburg Pool Studio has a variety of styles, designs and pricing for you to choose from for your perfect swimming pool. We can provide you with all size types from Splash pools to large pools.


Randburg Pool Studio provides the perfect finish to your new or renovated pool. From standard paving to exotic rock art finishes of any kind you can imagine.


All pools are constructed with the correct steel re-enforcing, consisting of Y10 re-enforcement bars and REF100 mesh as per prescribed NSPI standards. This steel framework is then cast inside a 150mm thick concrete shell. This ensures quality workmanship and lasting peace of mind that your pool will provide you with many happy experiences for years to come.


We are able to provide you with either marbelite or fibreglass finishes depending on each customers preference.


We offer a 10 year guarantee on a concrete shell which is the foundation of a successful pool construction.


All of our pools whether it be marbelite pools or fibreglass pools, they  have superior strength from modern application equipment. High strength fiberglass pools will give you a pool 20% stronger and stiffer.


Our fibreglass pools are eco friendly, high performing corrosion resistant investment giving you the most value for money & the best swimming pool prices on the market.


Our products and services are quality assured to meet expected standards and exceed them. Not to mention our guarantees.


ISO vs GP resin

ISO Resin is a medium viscosity, medium reactive polyester resin based on Isophthalic acid. It exhibits good chemical resistance and can thus handle chlorine and pool acid very well. And when compared to general-purpose resins (GP),  which is really more used for building and repairs of boats or molds, ISO Resin is perfectly designed for your fibreglass swimming pool.


Pool construction


Marking the shape of your swimming pool according to the chosen perimeter size:


We construct both paving type pools and rock pools equally successfully. With a paving pool many are  symmetrically shaped being either square or rectangle in shape. It is simple to put some pegs into the ground according to the sizes agreed upon and then connect a line in between the pegs. Many years ago I was confronted with the challenge to mark out and deliver a pool with a irregular shape with a natural rock pool type feel. And of course one of the important construction outcomes is to deliver an end product of the correct size and quantity of water inside the same as a symmetric type pool. Curves can easily cut the size of the pool if not managed correctly. The answer to the problem is follows: A rectangle perimeter with an example size of 3m x 5m is 16m long. With this knowledge it is now simple to measure 16m using your hosepipe for example. Or cut a piece of string 16m long and lay out any shape your heart desires limited only by the length of the pipe or string. Your new custom design will hold the exact same volume of water as the rectangular 3m x 5m swimming pool.


When marking out a pool with turns and curves, it is very important to have it approved by a professional with lots of experience in order to make sure the swimming pool cleaning machine does not get stuck in one part of the pool, or miss cleaning a section of the pool all together.


Digging the hole for your new swimming pool


Most holes will be dug by hand. This may seem like a more labour intension option but most location sites for new swimming pools cannot be access by digging machines. Furthermore, digging with machines create a lot more labour cost as the sides as of the holes get broken down with the machines moving into and out of the swimming pool hole. The sidewalls will then need to be rebuilt and compacted with sandbags. Making the project more specialized and labour intensive. An average pool is normally dug in a day or two depending on the size.


Making a pool level


The border or edge of a pool knows as coping, plays a vital role in creating a successful pool. It must be made level and is painfully obvious if it is not. The water will always be level due to gravity making this mistake look really unattractive and causing the lower section to fill quicker and to start to over flow before the pool is filled. To fix a coping which is not level is almost impossible without starting from scratch. The area around the pool must be taken into account as well to assure storm water flow does not to end up in the pool. Creating retaining walls afterwards to channel water away from a pool can become very costly if a pool is not properly planned.

swimming pool
swimming pool
swimming pool